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Anthony is a Irish entrepreneur with over two decades of experience, demonstrating a profound expertise in marketing and technology. In 2010, he established Product2Market, which swiftly evolved into one of Europe’s foremost sales and marketing agencies. His visionary leadership culminated in the acquisition of Product2Market by MarketStar Inc. (Wasatch Capital) in 2019, where Anthony currently spearheads the global Business Development division.

As Head of Global Business Development at MarketStar, Anthony collaborates with the world’s largest technology firms, crafting and executing transformative global sales programs that collectively yield over $6 billion annually. His outstanding contributions have earned him recognition in Ireland’s prestigious Business and Finance Top 100 CEO list. Anthony’s insights and accomplishments have been prominently featured in prominent global publications such as Entrepreneur, Business Insider, The Huffington Post, alongside various esteemed Irish and UK business media outlets.

Anthony is an early-stage company investor who is always looking to get involved with high-growth potential companies looking to scale revenue. Always happy to hear from those who want to connect, getting in touch can be done thought the Contact page.

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